Kirin 970’s Neural Processing Unit and Cambricon

Huawei has unveiled Kirin 970 having a Neural Processing Unit apparently designed by China’s Cambricon:

  • NPU designed by Cambricon
  • achieves 1.92 TFLOPs in FP16

Kirin 970 is using 10nm process, integrated by Huawei’s Hisilicon design house.

In the meantime, Cambricon has announced several new “AI processor” IP products:

  • “Cambricon-1H8 focuses on lower power consumption visual application”,  up to 2.3x performance-per-watt vs. Cambricon-1A
  • “Cambricon-1H16, has wider application and better performance”
  • “Cambricon-1M is made for intelligent driving”, 10x performance vs. Cambricon-1A”
  • “high performance machine learning processor chips Cambricon-MLU100 and Cambricon-MLU200” for servers, Cambricon’s AI software development platform NeuWare

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