Google Pixel Visual Core

Google’s Pixel Visual Core architecture and its utility for machine learning (PVC)- summary of what we know as-of-today:

  • it is in Pixel 2 Smartphone, but is currently disabled, waiting firmware upgrade from Android Oreo 8.0 to Oreo 8.1
  • PVC consists of 8 Image Processing Unit (IPU) cores
  • Each IPU core has 512 ALUs
  • IPU cores are custom-designed by Google
  •  PVC totals 3+ TOps/sec “on a mobile power budget”
  • PVC also has MIPI (apparently for image sensor connection), A53 ARM core, PCIe block and LPDDR4 interface
  • Will have TensorFlow and Halide software support

<speculation on> Perhaps this is an ALU MAC array of sorts, perhaps with 8 bit multiplies, >8-bit intermediate result adders or accumulators and attention paid to reduce off-chip DRAM access </speculation>

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